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The World of Jeff McBride

Over the past 30 years, Jeff McBride has performed in every kind of magic venue imaginable. From Radio City Music hall to Cabarets in all the major capitals of the world -- from the grandest casino showrooms to outdoor abandoned temples in Thailand and Bali, he has entertained thousands of audiences of all ages and backgrounds.  Whether you have festival goers, corporate executives, or arts patrons at your local venue, chances are Jeff has performed for similar groups. 

Every show is tailored to meet the needs of a particular venue and presenter, whether those needs are simply to draw in and entertain an audience with an electrifying performance, or to energize a corporate sales force or thrill an audience about a new product.

Click any of the "Venue" buttons above to find more about a show designed to meet your own particular needs in that kind of situation.  If your event doesn't seem to covered here, click on the contact button and tell us about your particular needs.  We love a challenge!

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