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The World of Jeff McBride


Jeff McBride's shows have been winning standing ovations from sell-out crowds at major casino showrooms, in theatres of all sizes and at arts festivals all around the world for over 20 years.  Shows range from the extremely intimate and powerful "Magic UnMasked," in which McBride takes the audience along on his own personal journey of discovery, using only props he can carry with him on the plane as he travels, on up to the full-evening illusion spectacle of "Abracadazzle," with his 3-5 assistants, full production numbers and large illusions.  McBride's most popular theatrical show is currently "Magic at the Edge," in which he is joined by wife Abbi Spinner McBride and one additional magician/ assistant.  The show is designed for medium sized venues, and can be adjusted to fit the particular needs of a venue - whether as a one-night special event or in longer runs.

All of Jeff's shows are custom-tailored to fit the anticipated audiences and venues - shows in China are different from those in the US - those in casino showrooms have a quite different pace and theme than those in theaters or at arts festivals.

Of special interest for theatrical touring is "Magic - The Secret Art," - a magic show that's all about magic!  For this show, Jeff is joined onstage by Eugene Burger and Abigail Spinner McBride.  It is filled with wit and charm, and a show designed to leave audiences feeling they've come to truly know and love each of the performers.

One of the unusual features of many McBride performances - no matter which of the shows a venue may choose - is that the main show is generally preceeded by the company meeting the audience as they enter the theatre, and spending time greeting audience members while performing short close-up magic for them in order to help get everyone in the mood for the amazing stage show that is soon to begin.


Magic at the Edge

Magic UnMasked

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McBride's Wonderground
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