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AbracaDazzle! is McBride's most ambitious show yet, featuring three to five onstage assistants, a truckload of grand illusion props and set pieces, and some of McBride's most spectacular production pieces drawn from the myths & cultures of many lands.

All of McBride's performances combine pantomime, sleight of hand, dance, drumming, world class sleight-of-hand and Kabuki theatre with a keen sense of showmanship to create a theatrical experience unlike anything else in magic.  Masks appear, transform and float about the stage in a supernatural manner. Magic, comedy, drama and grand illusion are mixed in equal parts to transform eachshowroom into a magical wonderland.

AbracaDazzle! includes such McBride favorites as "Transformation," "King of Cards," "Sorcerer's Apprentice," and "Shapeshifter." New works include "Voodoo People," a new "Land of the Rising Sun" piece, "Tribal Drum Magic" "Kabuki Fantasia" and a collection of ever-changing favorites. The show is themed as a journey around the world and through time, discovering the many faces of magic.


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