Sisters of Mystery

This event is open to women who perform magic, who work with magicians, or who simply love magic.  Together, we will share in group discussions about what it means to be a woman in the world of magic, the challenges we encounter and how we deal with them, and how we weave together the many worlds of performance and relationship.  Abigail McBride will be hosting this event, and Joan DuKore will be sharing some of her unique magic with us. Our special guest this year is Margaret Steele, an incredible magician, musician and author.  She edited Adelaide Herrmann, Queen of Magic, Memoirs, Published Writings & Collected Ephemera, and has a new book coming out soon called The Lady Conjurer’s Handbook.  This year, she will be sharing material and demonstrations from the book, which is the first book of its kind, with original sleights, routines, costuming info, character development, career advice and other information designed specifically for female magicians. This year’s gathering will be held in a new location, which will be given upon registration.

We will have the opportunity for some of us to perform for each other and receive feedback on how we can take our magic to the next level of excellence.  We will share our stories about what we love and what we find challenging; we will have a fabulous lunch together, maybe take a dip in the pool, and learn some hints, tips, and new ideas about costuming, make-up, managing men, and which tricks work the best for us ladies